Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Noe

“Who is your favorite artist?”

When asking someone or being asked who your favorite artist is, many different ideas probably come to mind. People may think of famous artists like Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci. That wasn’t the case when I asked one of my peers, Noe. Noe is a fellow student at Cal State Long Beach, whom I just met in Art. He plans to major in business and is currently in his second year at the school. Today, when I asked Noe who his favorite artist was, he said that he wasn’t very sure. After a little bit of thought, however, he said that his favorite artist was Tupac Shakur. When thinking of art, people would usually think of painting and sculptures, but Noe thought in the opposite direction. He named his favorite musical artist instead, which also led me to tell him my favorite music artist as well. Noe explained that Tupac was his favorite artist because he loved the way Tupac’s music flowed, while also stating that Tupac’s music was real and spoke the truth. He continued to speak of his love for music in general, and I was able to share with him my love for it as well.


Noe’s website:¬†https://psychicednoe.wordpress.com/



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