Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

Death by Boredom

The idea of this photo came up while I was studying for my Anatomy class. I had already been studying for many hours straight due to having a quiz the next day. Although I was being a scholarly student, nothing about studying was very exciting or interesting. It was more of a chore than something that I wanted to do. That was when I came up with what I thought was an interesting concept for a landscape with a corpse. I thought that I would ask my girlfriend to take pictures of my lifeless body with the Anatomy lab manual and Anatomy atlas by my side. With the picture, I kind of tried to portray the saying “death by boredom.” After studying for hours and hours, I felt as if my brain was dead, and I tried to figuratively convey that with my landscape.


This first shot is of me from faraway. I laid down on my girlfriend’s hard floor in front of her house while she took a picture of me from the top of her stairs.


This second shot is a little bit closer, as I told my girlfriend to take a picture of me after descending some of her steps.


This last shot is of my corpse up close and personal.

I thought that this was a neat project and it was actually very nice being able to take a break from studying. It was also a plus being able to boss my girlfriend around. There were a lot of things I could have improved on though. If I were ever able to do this again, I would actually try to wear decently nice clothing. As you can see in the pictures, I just wore tennis shorts and one of my volleyball t-shirts. Instead of wearing that, I would want to wear an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt with some black jeans, meaning I would have to go out and buy them. I would also want to use a phone that could take better pictures, as my phone does not have amazing quality. All in all though, this project was surprisingly more enjoyable than I thought it would be. It allowed me to think creatively and outside of the box with my ideas, while also being able to relate it to my current state of mind at the time. It was also nice to get my mind off of Anatomy for a while, relieving some stress along the way.


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