Wk3-Classmate Conversation-Alyssa Bui

“What type of art has had the most influence on where you are today?”

During my time at the art galleries today I was able to meet one of my classmates, Alyssa Bui. Alyssa is currently in her second year here at Long Beach and is a Health Science major. This weeks question asked what kind of art had influenced us on where we were today. We interpreted that question as asking which piece of art we saw during the art galleries today had impacted us the most and left a lasting impression. She said that Alvaro Alvarez’s piece, titled A Response To Classical Music, had influenced her the most. She first stated how she had never seen a piece of art like that. She thought that his dancing, or his responding to music, was very crazy and random. Compared to the other art galleries though, his unique and cool vision for the piece left more of a lasting impression on her.


A picture of myself, Alyssa, and another classmate David.

Alyssa’s website: https://lolyssblog.wordpress.com/


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