Wk4-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing

After coming home from church, I decided to start on the automatic drawing activity with my cousin who was over for the day. I got out the big piece of paper and taped it to my hardwood floor. Then I asked my cousin to come over and sit across from me. We took hold of a grey colored pencil and placed it in the middle of the picture. After a little laughing and giggling, the pencil began to move “on its own.” My cousin began to direct my motion as we both closed our eyes. In the background, we had 22 Jumpstreet playing and we soon began to giggle a little once again. After another little fit of laughter, we began to get more serious and just let the motions guide our way. img_1296

We continued to draw for about a good three to five minutes. We tried to be as focused as possible. Personally, I was trying to drown out the movie in the background and just focus on the motions of the pencil as we were drawing our picture. After we both determined a good time to stop, we opened our eyes and let go of the pencil.


I think that our automatic drawing turned out pretty good. It does not look like anything in particular, but there are many circles and zigzags that we made using different motions. Overall, the experience was quite enjoyable and we got a few good laughs out of doing it. I would recommend doing this activity with another person who you are close to. I am pretty close to my cousin, so it made the process of drawing a lot more fun. I think I would do this again, and maybe try it with my girlfriend, but I definitely recommend doing it. Next time I would probably turn off the lights and play some relaxing music, but overall this activity was very fun.


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