Wk5-Art Experience-Painting

This weeks activity was to spray paint your name at any location on any surface that was legal. I could not go anywhere to do this, so I just used a piece of cardboard and spray painted my name in my backyard. First, I cut open a box and laid it flat on the concrete with some newspaper spread around. Then I used blue tape to outline the letters of my name on the cardboard. After that, I grabbed my two bottles of spray paint. I used a kind of metallic brown along with green to spray paint. After I was done with all of my letters, I went around the borders using the cans to try and add more color to the cardboard. I waited for about twenty minutes for the spray paint to dry and then I went back out. I pulled off all of the tape with the help of my dad and this is what it looked like.


Graffiti and spray painting has always been very interesting and intriguing to me. Personally, I enjoy listening to hip hop and the culture behind it a lot, so this activity was one that I was genuinely excited for. I was not disappointed either, as this activity turned out to be very fun for me. It was nice to just kick back and chill while doing this and I am quite happy with the way it all ended up. I did not do the bubble letters, so I do not really know if this is considered graffiti, but I enjoyed the process nonetheless. Looking back as I write this though, I kind of regret not trying the bubble letters. In the future, however, I would definitely love to try spray painting free hand and without any markers or blue tape. I would also love to go do it somewhere outdoors, to a place that is legal of course. Overall, I still enjoyed this activity a lot and it is probably my favorite and best art experience so far.



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