Wk8-Art Activity-Japanese Garden Sketching

This week for class, we were able to go inside the Japanese Garden at CSULB. When you first walk into the garden, you kind of notice how big it is. I did not expect it to be as big as it was, and there was a lot of different things you could look at as you walked around. There is just a lot of nature in the area. There are numerous trees, ponds, and there’s even a waterfall in a little corner. Everything in the garden felt very serene and relaxing. It is a place that I would like to be even if it wasn’t for a class assignment. For the assignment though, we had to draw abstract and representative sketches of scenes in the garden. For my representative sketches, I tried to draw scenes exactly and found myself looking down at my sketchbook a lot.

For the abstract drawings, I tried to view the scenery more and draw without looking at my sketchbook. This was a lot harder in my opinion, and I think that my representative sketches ended up looking better. Many of my abstract drawings look very simple and I drew them very freely without having to draw perfect lines or shapes.

Overall, I found this activity very enjoyable. I don’t consider myself good at drawing, but I am actually pretty proud of some of the ones I drew. I would definitely love to go back to the Japanese Gardens just to relax. Coming back to sketch would also be fun as well because there is just a lot to look at. The feel of the garden is very inviting and warm, and I hope to be back there again someday.


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