Wk8-Classmate Conversation-Brandon Hong

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow classmate Brandon Hong. Brandon is in his 4th year at CSULB and is from Glendale. He is majoring in civil engineering. When asking Brandon what he would use as his medium for art, we both agreed on the same thing. Brandon and I would both use something pretty generic, like a piece of paper or a canvas to paint on. We both had different views on whether or not we would be okay with our future kids pursuing art, if we have kids. I said that I would probably be okay with it because people have the right to be happy with whatever they want to do. Brandon had a different take and said that art would be good as a hobby or side job, but they should have a main job with it. When comparing our phones, we both had some pretty different apps. I had more apps than he did and I think I had more games as well. We both had one thing in common though. We both had pictures of our girlfriends as our background. Overall, it was a pleasure to meet Brandon and I hope to see more of him.


Brandon’s website: https://hrandonbong.wordpress.com/


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