Wk9-Art Experience-Art Care Package

For this weeks art activity, we were all supposed to make an art care package and send it to someone. For my care package, I will be sending it to my cousin, Martin. My inspiration for what went into this care package is just the many conversations that we have had recently and in the past. I put in a pair of socks because we both have been losing socks lately, and we came to the conclusion that my brother had been stealing them from right under our noses. I also put some of my drawings of Dragon Ball Z characters in there because he always makes fun of my doodles. This way, I can rub my pictures in his face and show them just how bad they really are. I also put food in there because whenever he is at my house, he steals my food. Now, he doesn’t have to steal it because I am giving him goldfish crackers. Last, but not least, I put a mini volleyball in there. I obtained this volleyball from a USA game at the pyramid, but my cousin snatched it right out of my hands. Although he always says that it belongs to him, I know that it truly belongs to me. Despite that, I just wanted to let him keep it for a good minute to know the guilt of being a thief.

Overall, I found this project to be quite enjoyable. I have always liked putting stuff together, so this project was right up my alley way in terms of fun. It also made it more enjoyable knowing that I would be sending this to my cousin. In all seriousness though, if I were ever to do this again, I think that I would send it to someone who truly needs it. Homeless people, those in prison, or even a complete stranger would probably benefit a lot more from this than anyone, so that is the direction I would like to go in if I got the chance to do this again.


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