Wk10-Art Experience-Fiber Art Social Network

The term social network, in my opinion, refers to online tools that connect people together. In real life, I would not say that I have a social network, I would just say that I have friends. I think that having truly meaningful relationships with 150 people would be pretty hard, but I’m sure that it is possible. Personally, I think that I would rather have a few close friends than a lot of friends that I can’t really connect with as well. With this activity, I realized that I do not really know that many people in art class. I did not know anyone before, and I only know a couple of people through the classmate conversations. Despite this, those few people I met were very nice and I enjoyed talking to all of them. Here are some of them pinned with the red string next to me.


To me, friendship is truly something that is priceless. For other people that may be different though. Some people may enjoy having many friends and try to connect with everyone. Personally, I am very shy, so I don’t really like to talk to people as much. I definitely prefer having few friends to having a lot of friends. That way, I am able to build more meaningful relationships with the people I know as opposed to just being acquainted with a lot of people. This activity was quite interesting though, and the way the room turned out was pretty cool. It looked like a crime scene investigation with all of the pictures and yarn used. Overall though, I enjoyed this activity and it was nice to see that I had actually made a couple of friends in this class.


Here is a drawing of my personal network.




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