Wk14-Art Activity-Instagram

For this week’s activity, we needed to post 4 pictures on Instagram with hashtag art110f16. My normal Instagram account is private, so I decided to make a new public Instagram to post these photos. The pictures I posted were of household items that I found in my girlfriend’s house. I took pictures of a box of tissues, rocks, crayons, and flowers inside her house. I tried to make the photos look aesthetic as possible, even adding filters to some of them during the editing process. Once I was done, I looked at all of the other pictures with that hashtag. I saw that people were taking a wide variety of pictures. I saw a lot of pictures that people took in their respective classes, along with some selfies. A lot of them seemed to just be random photos that they took throughout the day. Despite the randomness, I thought it was pretty cool to be able to connect through that single hashtag. It was also nice getting to see some beautiful pictures that other people took as well. Despite the big deal over privacy, I don’t see why people can’t make another account just to post some pictures.

Some of my pictures:



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