Wk15-Extra Credit

There were a lot of fun activities that we did this semester, but my 3 favorite ones would have to be Plaster Casting, Graffiti Writing, and Sketching in the Garden. Plaster casting was fun because I got to go the beach with my friends and do that activity. I also thought it was pretty cool to make a mold of my foot, which I still have. Graffiti writing was awesome because I have always been into the whole hip hop scene and being able to spray paint my name was something that I’ve never done before. Sketching in the Japanese gardens was a very relaxing and serene experience. I consider myself a pretty chill guy, so being in the garden was right up my alley. I am not a good artist, but being able to sketch certain scenes was very enjoyable to me. I also think that I would have enjoyed the finger painting activity, but sadly I was not able to do it as I have been quite busy these past couple of days and it completely evaded my mind.

My least favorite activities would have to be the automatic drawing, vlogs, and instagram. Now, that does not mean these activities were not fun. The automatic drawing was just a little weird to me, although I got some good laughs from it with my cousin. The vlog was a little awkward for me, as I am a very awkward person. The instagram activity was pretty fun to be honest, but I can see it being an issue with so many people having their instagrams privated.

I really enjoyed the hybrid format of this class. It was nice being able to go to class once a week, but I didn’t really feel like I was missing anything. The weekly blog posts were really helpful in pointing me in the right direction and reminding me of materials or assignments I needed to do. The art galleries were also really cool because we got to see a lot of different art that we never would have seen otherwise. Overall, I thought the activities in this class were very enjoyable. This was a great class and I will definitely miss it in the future. I am very glad I had the chance to be a part of Art 110.


Wk15-Artist Conversation-Sam Mederios

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sam Mederios

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Sculpture

Website: None

Instagram: onetruesam

About the Artist

This weeks artist conversation will be a little bit different as there was a holiday art sale going on instead of viewing our usual galleries. However, I was still able to talk to artist Sam Mederios for a bit. Sam is currently a senior at the California State University of Long Beach. Sam is a Sculpture major in CSULB’s School of Arts, and he plans on graduating from the school next semester.

Formal Analysis

In this gallery, there were a lot of different items and paintings throughout the room. There were a lot of sculpture type pieces, along with wooden crafts and other miscellaneous items. Sam’s art work was a chess board with all of its pieces. He made the chess box out of wood, resin, and acrylic. This chess box was very impressive to look at, and it looked like he put a lot of time and effort into it. The actual board had a brownish color, and it opened up like a drawer. One set of the chess pieces was black, while the other was a gray color. This was probably the first item that I noticed when I walked into the gallery, and it was probably the last thing I looked at as well.

Content Analysis

Sam said that the whole chess board along with the pieces took him around ten days to make. All of the pieces and along with the board were very detailed, so it took him a while to fully craft his work. Sam wanted to make something that would show his abilities with wood, and a chess set was truly able to show his full potential. In my opinion, the chess set was the best piece in there, and although I would not buy it, I’m sure a lot of people can appreciate the hard work he put into it.

My Experience

This whole gallery was a new experience for me, as I have never seen an art sale at CSULB. I thought that it was pretty cool and it was really interesting to see all of the different works that people have made. Personally, I would not buy anything as I am a poor college student, but being able to appreciate the art work is enough for me. Sam’s art piece in general was probably my favorite work that I saw throughout all of the galleries. They all had some really nice work, but the chess piece was just so clean and detailed that it won my eyes. The woodwork was really beautiful and if I was rich enough, I may have even bought Sam’s chess set.

Some art pieces from the gallery, with Sam’s chess set.


Wk14-Art Activity-Instagram

For this week’s activity, we needed to post 4 pictures on Instagram with hashtag art110f16. My normal Instagram account is private, so I decided to make a new public Instagram to post these photos. The pictures I posted were of household items that I found in my girlfriend’s house. I took pictures of a box of tissues, rocks, crayons, and flowers inside her house. I tried to make the photos look aesthetic as possible, even adding filters to some of them during the editing process. Once I was done, I looked at all of the other pictures with that hashtag. I saw that people were taking a wide variety of pictures. I saw a lot of pictures that people took in their respective classes, along with some selfies. A lot of them seemed to just be random photos that they took throughout the day. Despite the randomness, I thought it was pretty cool to be able to connect through that single hashtag. It was also nice getting to see some beautiful pictures that other people took as well. Despite the big deal over privacy, I don’t see why people can’t make another account just to post some pictures.

Some of my pictures:


Wk14-Classmate Conversation-David

Today, I had the pleasure of talking to one of my classmates, David. David is also in his second year at Long Beach just like me. He is a Finance major and plans to graduate by the end of his third year. When I asked him what he thought college would be like in 2036, he had some very interesting answers. In the future concerning college, David feels that most of the courses and methods of teaching will be online. That is very reasonable as technology keeps advancing and we improve everyday. He also believes that college tuition will be higher in the future than it is now. For students in today’s society, tuition is already the bane of our existence so college in the future will probably suck if it cost more. David and I seemed to agree on how college was going to be in the future, as did most of the class it seems.


David’s website: https://davidlai27.wordpress.com/

Wk12-Artist Conversation-Connor O’Brien

Exhibition Information

Artist: Connor O’Brien

Exhibition: Mentia

Media: Video, Photography

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: miliapictures.com

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Connor O’Brien is a student at the California State University of Long Beach. He is currently in his last semester with the school, and plans to graduate very soon. Connor is majoring in photography, and this gallery is the final assignment he needs to do in order to graduate. Connor is originally from Los Alamitos, which is relatively close to Long Beach. He enjoys studio photography and loves music. With this gallery, he is trying to highlight something that is very personal in his life. His father, Michael, was diagnosed with dementia six years ago. After that, Connor’s life changed along with that of his family. With this gallery, Connor allows us to take a look into his personal life and go with him on a truly inspirational journey.

Formal Analysis

Connor’s gallery, Mentia, is actually quite simple. When you first walk into it, you notice that there is a projection in the middle of the walls. The room is dimly lit, so viewing the projection is very easy. A video begins to play and you notice that the camera is always pointed on Connor’s dad, Michael. This video shows Connor and his brother taking care of their father, who has dementia. The video shows how they need to help their father do a lot of things. It shows them helping their father get out of bed and walk. It also shows them helping their father shower. They also need to help get their father out of his clothes and put him into a new pair. The video also has very happy points though, which are most evident when you can see his father smiling.

Content Analysis

Life changed a lot for Connor and his family when his father was diagnosed with dementia. Despite being diagnosed for only six years, his father had shown symptoms of dementia fifteen years prior to that. Connor and his family did not notice it though, as they just thought that was how his father was. Now, Connor, his brother, and his mother each take turns watching over their dad. They also have a caregiver that helps them every once in a while, but Connor feels that it is his responsibility to watch over his father. Connor desribed it as a hard transition when his father was diagnosed. Prior to that, his father had a mental breakdown and threatened his life. It was then that they took Connor’s father to a mental institution and found out that he had dementia. With his gallery, Connor is trying to bring awareness and documentation to the illness known as dementia.

My Experience

Personally, I enjoyed Connor’s video a lot. I’ve read and heard about dementia, but I never really knew what it was like until I watched Connor’s video. I still do not know what it truly is, but now I am more aware. I would say that his watching his video was truly an emotional experience. I found that I could not keep my eyes off of the video, even when it had replayed. To be honest, I felt really sorry for his father. I think it is sad to see anyone like that. Overall, the mood was very somber and melancholy. Despite this, I also found some happiness from the video. The parts where Connor’s father smiled during the video were truly beautiful and heart warming. The whole thing just kind of makes me realize how much you should cherish the people around you. Connor’s gallery was a very touching and emotional experience. It was beautifully put together, and I truly wish the best to his family and his father.


Wk11-Artist Conversation-Caryn Aasness

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Cloth

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: levelyellowproblemchild

About the Artist

Caryn Aasness is a student at the California State University of Long Beach. She is a senior who is actually in her fourth and a half year. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts as a Fiber major. In Caryn’s gallery, you will notice many of her works are done by weaving. Caryn’s grandma actually taught her how to sew and do the textiles that she did in the pieces within her gallery. With that, Caryn actually learned how to weave around 2 years ago. With knowledge that she gained from her grandmother and experience, Caryn was able to create a beautiful gallery that students can appreciate and interpret in their own ways.

Formal Analysis

Caryn’s gallery seems to consist of many different blankets created through weaving. There are many different ones hung up all across the room on the different walls. The one in the middle wall has a quote on it that says, “To call something cute is to misunderstand.” All of her works have many different colors and are very fascinating to look at. On the side of each work is also a little piece of paper that says to decode it. Each one of these papers has a little message on it that one has to solve and figure out. Her artist statement was also very unique, as it wasn’t just an essay that was typed out. It was something that looked like she made it herself. On it, there were even pathways that one could take to decipher their own meaning to her gallery.

Content Analysis

Caryn was originally very interested in textiles, which caused her to want to learn how to weave 2 years ago. On her textiles, there were 26 colors, each representing a letter of the alphabet. She used the quote, “To call something cute is to misunderstand,” because she wanted to send a message to others. She wanted people to get comfortable to the idea of weaving. She also wanted people to walk in and know that there is more than just weaving in her gallery. Caryn describes herself as being very patient with certain things, but making her works for this gallery made her very impatient. Despite this, she still enjoyed it because it was time consuming. To her, the length of her works doesn’t matter as well. She actually said that the longer works took less time to make than the shorter ones in her gallery.

My Experience

I found Caryn’s gallery to be the most interesting one that I went to today. I really enjoyed looking at all of her works and I had a lot of fun decoding her messages. I also like how simple the weaving was. I know that it is very difficult to actually weave, but the creation is something that just looks very simple. I happen to like simple things, so this was right up my alleyway. In my opinion, weaving seems like a really cool skill to have as well. I feel that a lot of people do not know how to weave, so it just makes it more special for the people who do know how to. Caryn’s colors were also very vibrant and appealing to the eye. I think that was one reason why I found it as enjoyable as I did. Overall, Caryn is able to not only weave art, but her own message into her works. With this, we are all able to appreciate the beauty and message of her gallery.

Wk11-Classmate Conversation-Tiffany Phan

During today’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow classmate Tiffany Phan. Tiffany is in her 2nd year here at CSULB and is actually from Long Beach, only having to commute for 5 minutes. Tiffany is an Interior Design major because she enjoys decorating and stuff of that sorts. Despite this, she wishes to change her major to International Studies. She says that it would be more reading, but believes it will be doable because it is something she enjoys as well. With this major, she hopes to learn more about other peoples cultures and travel the world. When I asked Tiffany how she felt about fan art, she said that there was nothing wrong with it. This is a response to how Demi Lovato recently reacted negatively to a fan drawing a picture of her. Tiffany believes that Demi should be grateful that there are fans willing to draw pictures for her, which I happen to agree with. Tiffany was a very cool person though and it was very nice to have a conversation with her.


Tiffany’s website: https://tnphan.wordpress.com/