Wk6-Art Experience-Flip Book

For my art activity this week, I decided to do the flip book. For my flip book, I attempted to draw out two people playing basketball. One of the players is trying to dunk over the other person who is defending. This flip book is a total of 9 pages. Throughout the pages, the scoring player dribbles and runs towards the bucket. Once he gets in front of the defender, he stops and begins to jump. The scoring player soars through the air as he flies over the defender. This leaves the defender in awe and he stops guarding as soon as he sees the other player jump. As the scorer continues to fly, the sheer power of his jump causes the defender to stop existing. Now it is a game between one player and the basket. The player prevails as he is able to slam the ball through the hoop.

Making this flip book was a nice activity to get away from studying. I used to always make flip books, so I kind of got excited when I heard that we were making some. Actually making my flip book was a fun process. I used my index cards and just used a pencil to draw stick figures playing basketball. I chose to draw this scene because I just think that it is entertaining to flip through and watch it. If I were to do this activity again, I would probably use thinner paper and use more. I would also add some color to the pages. If my drawing ever gets better, I would also like to stray away from using stick figures and draw life like pictures. For another scene, I would probably like to do something superhero or fighting related. Overall though, I enjoyed this activity very much and I would love to do it again.


Wk6-Artist Conversation- Blaine Prow

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Bristol, Foam, Charcoal paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: No website.

Instagram: tiffuts

About the Artist

Blaine Prow is currently a student at the California State University of Long Beach. He is a Studio Arts major, although that is not what he wants to stay in. Blaine hopes to apply and get into Long Beach’s Graphic Design program. This is not what he always had in mind though. Originally from Orange County, Blaine is actually 27 years old, and has been in school for ten years. Throughout the course of those years, Blaine has actually tried to pursue other careers, changing his major three times. He has been interested in cars since high school, so originally he wanted to major in mechanical engineering. After realizing that was not for him, he tried civil engineering for a little, before finally deciding on trying to major in Graphic Design. Blaine has also taken numerous semesters off to try and pursue music, which he explains is why he has been in school for so long. Blaine thinks of art as something that is free form, but he specifically likes graphic design because it is more specific. In this way, Blaine wants to be able to create art that is specific for people in the near future.

Formal Analysis

When first walking into the gallery, you will notice many different geometric shapes on the wall. All the shapes are three dimensional, and seem to be made of some kind of thick paper mounted onto a foam board. All of the folds and lines on the individual pieces of art are very sharp and precise, which is exactly what the artist wanted. On each piece, there are black and white papers or shapes that come together to form the piece as a whole. Many of the three dimensional aspects of the art are shaped into squares, rectangles, triangles, and prisms. There are also three dimensional cubes and the black charcoal papers also form shapes of their own, such as crosses, squares, and pentagons. One particular piece also looks like a number 6. If you look at that same piece differently, the black charcoal paper looks like a C, and that three dimensional part looks like an O.

Content Analysis

Blaine Prow has described himself with being obsessed with geometry for a very long time. He said that he has always been fascinated by the construction and relationship between shapes. Each of his pieces took from half an hour to three hours to make. He had to incorporate actual mathematics while constructing his shapes as well, using the Pythagorean Theorem for every figure. Blaine likes things that are simple and straight, much like the figures he made. He also likes his designs to be orderly and sharp, which he was able to do with constructing the corners on his shapes. At first, Blaine just tried to make ends and corners of pieces, and then expanded once he knew what he needed to do. With his gallery, Extrusions, Blaine was able to see and showcase the relationship between two dimensional and three dimensional structures.

My Experience

When I first walked into Blaine’s gallery, I first thought of geometry. Personally, I do not really like math, but for him to combine math and art to create something beautiful is quite amazing. The shapes and contrast of black and white were very fascinating and entertaining to look at. I walked into his gallery quite a few times. The feel of his gallery was just very inviting and relaxing. When talking to Blaine, he also emphasized the fact that he liked things that were simple. That resonates with me because I also enjoy things that are simple. To me the little things in life are what makes life so beautiful. Blaine was able to do that with his gallery, Extrusions, showcasing art that was very beautiful, yet simple at the same time.

Extrusions by Blaine Prow.

Wk5-Art Experience-Painting

This weeks activity was to spray paint your name at any location on any surface that was legal. I could not go anywhere to do this, so I just used a piece of cardboard and spray painted my name in my backyard. First, I cut open a box and laid it flat on the concrete with some newspaper spread around. Then I used blue tape to outline the letters of my name on the cardboard. After that, I grabbed my two bottles of spray paint. I used a kind of metallic brown along with green to spray paint. After I was done with all of my letters, I went around the borders using the cans to try and add more color to the cardboard. I waited for about twenty minutes for the spray paint to dry and then I went back out. I pulled off all of the tape with the help of my dad and this is what it looked like.


Graffiti and spray painting has always been very interesting and intriguing to me. Personally, I enjoy listening to hip hop and the culture behind it a lot, so this activity was one that I was genuinely excited for. I was not disappointed either, as this activity turned out to be very fun for me. It was nice to just kick back and chill while doing this and I am quite happy with the way it all ended up. I did not do the bubble letters, so I do not really know if this is considered graffiti, but I enjoyed the process nonetheless. Looking back as I write this though, I kind of regret not trying the bubble letters. In the future, however, I would definitely love to try spray painting free hand and without any markers or blue tape. I would also love to go do it somewhere outdoors, to a place that is legal of course. Overall, I still enjoyed this activity a lot and it is probably my favorite and best art experience so far.


Wk5-Artist Conversation-Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cycle

Media: Paper, Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: janeweibel.com

Instagram: janemargarette

About the artist

Jane Weibel is currently a student at the California State University of Long Beach. Originally from San Diego, Jane is in her last year at Long Beach. She is in the School of Art’s Ceramics Program, which is one of the best undergraduate programs for that specific major. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts and is very grateful for the program supplying her with all the equipment she needs. Jane was not always an art major though. At first, Jane had wanted to go through college as a biology major. After that, she wanted to get into massage therapy and even studied nutrition. As a kid though, Jane was always around art and she liked it a lot. She decided to change her major last minute so she could pursue a career within art.

Formal Analysis

Jane’s gallery is called Psycho Cycle and it is composed of many different things. There are lots of ceramic rocks and pictures of women. None of the pictures have faces of the women though. To one side of the room, there is a pile of colorful shredded paper. There is also a work with a piece of paper in between a rock and fire. There is a photo of a woman tied to a pillow and a ceramic rock. Some of the ceramic rocks are also on top of the pictures of women. There are 24 pictures of 4 different women lifting up rocks next to what appear to be bamboo sticks. Probably the most interesting piece of the exhibit is the cage towards a corner. The cage seems to be made of many things, with a lot of color. A lot of the ceramic rocks look very real, and seem to be painted with lots of detail. A lot of rope is used to tie pictures and other things together as well.

Content Analysis

Psycho Cycle was Jane’s first way of showing the world that she was a feminist. Throughout this gallery, Jane wanted to show the world how she feels women are treated. Jane wanted her pieces to represent the idea of women being overlooked, the cultural weight on women, and institutional sexism. Her cage represents women who are imprisoned. It represents the broad issue of women feeling like they are boxed in and stereotyped. For some women, it is very hard to break out of those views and they may feel trapped. The shredded paper represents a woman’s identity being shredded. It represents women being erased or looked over in the real world. The fire and rock symbolizes how women are trapped between two hard places. They can ultimately escape, but both directions end up being difficult. It almost represents a feeling of being alienated. Jane wanted to show people through her gallery how women in our world feel spoken over, objectified, dismissed, stereotyped, and not important in general.

My Experience

Walking through Jane’s gallery was a very fun experience. Her ceramics and artworks were very interesting and appealing to the eye. I found myself walking through her gallery multiple times even though I had already been in there before. The message behind her art was also very meaningful, and it was a very good way to show the world her views on a certain issue. Although I would not consider myself a feminist, I do agree with her on the fact that not everyone in the world is equal. It does not have to be women, but it could be people of other races or minorities within our own community. With a lot of problems in the world, I feel that some people take the wrong approach to voicing their own opinions. Jane, however, does a very beautiful job in expressing her feelings through amazing artwork, and that is very commendable.

Jane Weibel and some pieces of her gallery, Psycho Cycle.

Wk4-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing

After coming home from church, I decided to start on the automatic drawing activity with my cousin who was over for the day. I got out the big piece of paper and taped it to my hardwood floor. Then I asked my cousin to come over and sit across from me. We took hold of a grey colored pencil and placed it in the middle of the picture. After a little laughing and giggling, the pencil began to move “on its own.” My cousin began to direct my motion as we both closed our eyes. In the background, we had 22 Jumpstreet playing and we soon began to giggle a little once again. After another little fit of laughter, we began to get more serious and just let the motions guide our way. img_1296

We continued to draw for about a good three to five minutes. We tried to be as focused as possible. Personally, I was trying to drown out the movie in the background and just focus on the motions of the pencil as we were drawing our picture. After we both determined a good time to stop, we opened our eyes and let go of the pencil.


I think that our automatic drawing turned out pretty good. It does not look like anything in particular, but there are many circles and zigzags that we made using different motions. Overall, the experience was quite enjoyable and we got a few good laughs out of doing it. I would recommend doing this activity with another person who you are close to. I am pretty close to my cousin, so it made the process of drawing a lot more fun. I think I would do this again, and maybe try it with my girlfriend, but I definitely recommend doing it. Next time I would probably turn off the lights and play some relaxing music, but overall this activity was very fun.

Wk4-Artist Conversation-May Ta

Exhibition Information

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: Closer, Estranger

Media: Mixed media, acrylic paint, ink

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W Dutzi Gallery

Website: May’s website will be coming soon.

Instagram: maypta

About the Artist

May Ta is currently a student at the California State University of Long Beach. She transferred from Cal State Fullerton because of Long Beach’s strong art program. She is currently in the School of Art’s Illustration program, and hopes to get her Bachelor of Fine Arts. May is originally from Vietnam and is an international student. She moved over here a couple of years ago and currently resides in Anaheim. As a kid, May was not really exposed to art. She was surrounded by many scientists in her family when she was younger. Originally, she had wanted to be an engineer. After giving it some thought, however, she realized that she wanted to pursue a degree within the Fine Arts. This was much to the dismay of her family, who did not support her decision. Despite this, her family eventually came around and realized that pursuing a career in art was very important to her. In the future she hopes to make a difference in the world, but she wonders how she can do that.

Formal Analysis

After walking into the gallery, you can see that the room is filled with paintings, pictures, and other pieces of art. It is not just one piece of work, but many put together for everyone to see. May did not actually create all of the art by herself, but partnered up with her friend Carly Lake. One piece that caught my eye was titled Estranger. It is a painting by May that she did during the summer of 2016. She used acrylic paint and ink to create a picture of a man who appears to be standing in the middle of a giant lake. In the horizon, it looks like there is a body of land or possibly even a sunset, with clouds dominating the upper part of the painting. The picture itself looks like a water color painting. She used mainly cool colors in her painting, as most of it is just light blue. There are other colors as well, such as white, brown, and grey. The other colors are a very small part of the painting, but still add a lot of detail and depth. The painting itself seems very simple, but it conveys a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Content Analysis

With May’s painting and the rest of the gallery, she is trying to convey the feelings of intimacy and loneliness. With the help of her friend Carly Lake, she tries to show how the two are intertwined in a way. They believe that intimacy with another person can hinder the ability of truly finding yourself. It is because of this that May and Carly try to investigate how emotional intimacy needs to be balanced between others and yourself. By putting together this exhibition, May and Carly try to create a room of intimate solitude, intertwining the two ideas. May’s painting, Estranger, is the first piece of work that you see when you enter the gallery. May’s intent was for the piece to kind of start our journey as we make our way through all the other pieces of art. By starting our journey with Estranger, we can see a man who is by himself in the lake. The man presumably is alone and in a place of complete solitude. However, others can view it as a way of enlightenment, as if the man is finding himself with no distractions. It is a great painting to start off the gallery and it really can get people thinking about their overall theme of intimacy and loneliness.

My Experience

Hearing about May’s story of how she came to pursue a career in art was very interesting. Being Vietnamese myself, I feel that my parents want me to pursue typical careers such as becoming a doctor, or a lawyer. Hearing about how May’s parents eventually began to support her career choice was very inspiring. I believe that other kids, of all races, can be like May, and not pursue careers just because their parents want them to. May’s artwork is also very inspiring in itself. All of her pieces were very well put together and were just very attractive to the eye. Estranger was one of her best pieces in my opinion. She was able to paint something so simple, yet so beautiful and full of meaning at the same time. The thing I like most about her is that she does not tell you the meaning behind her artworks. She simply leaves it up to the individual to think and come up with their own interpretation of her works.

A picture of May Ta, myself, and her painting Estranger.

Wk3-Artist Conversation-Alvaro Alvarez

Artist: Alvaro Alvarez

Exhibition: A Response To Classical Music

Media: Paint, Canvas, Wires, Clothing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: Alvaro currently does not have a website, but may make one.

Instagram: Alvaro does not have an Instagram, but may make one.

About the Artist

Alvaro Alvarez has just recently entered his first semester at the California State University of Long Beach. He is a student in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program and is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the hopes of becoming an art teacher for young children. Alvaro was born in Guatemala, but moved to the United States when he was eight years old. Alvaro has described art as being a part of his life since he was a kid. Despite this, his parents did not originally support him when he wanted to pursue art as his career, causing him to stop that pursuit. When a hobby or interest has been a part of someone for so long though, quitting it seems to be nearly impossible. Fortunately for Alvaro, that was the case. Art had been in his life for so long that he could not just simply let it go. He continued to pursue his passion, making his parents realize why art was so important to him. By fulfilling his dreams and becoming an art teacher, Alvaro wants to inspire kids to do whatever they want to do in life. He wants to teach kids to be free with their thinking and create ideas for their own art.

Formal Analysis

Alvaro’s piece, A Response To Classical Music, appears to be very messy and confusing at first glance. It consists of a large black canvas with random blotches of paint all over. On the canvas, there are wires bent at all sorts of different angles. Most of the wires protrude from or prop up different articles of clothing. There are a pair of jeans, one shoe, and a blue shirt on one side of the canvas. One corner of the canvas is also tucked into a white paint tub. Looking at the art piece, there appears to be no normal shapes or patterns. It seems to define the word spontaneous and is truly unique with the way it is presented. After walking into Alvaro’s gallery, a seven minute video from the projector plays which shows the students how he created his work of art. Students can see Alvaro dip his hands into paint along with other parts of his body and “dance” all over the canvas. Students can also hear the classical music of Beethoven’s Overture Fidelio playing while Alvaro is creating his art.

Content Analysis

Many people may mistake Alvaro’s painting as a form of dancing. Alvaro himself does not describe it as a dance though. Instead, he simply describes it as his body responding to the music, hence the name, A Response To Classical Music. Alvaro chose classical music because he saw a lot of interesting patterns within the song and wanted to respond to it. He listens to all kinds of music, but classical music was something entirely new to him. Despite not knowing much about the type of music, he thought that it was powerful and unique so he wanted to try it out. Alvaro painted on the canvas wearing his every day clothes, stating that he wanted it to feel more truthful and sincere. He described his responses to the music as raw and full of energy. Despite only sleeping 3 hours every day for 3 days beforehand, Alvaro felt the need to only respond to the music in that moment, and not to the tiredness that loomed over him. After watching the video of his creation the first time around, Alvaro honestly thought that it was garbage. After watching it the second time, however, he was able to see the beauty and feel all of his own responses. Watching the video, some people may think that it was a performance. With a performance comes expectations though, and Alvaro did not want that for people. He wanted to express himself in his own way without having to follow a certain guideline or expectation. In doing that, he was able to create a work of art that is beautiful in its own way.

My Experience

When I first walked into Alvaro’s gallery, I really did not know what I was looking at. I thought it was weird and I did not understand his art at all. Quite honestly, I thought he was kind of crazy. I considered leaving, but I saw a crowd form around someone outside so I joined them. It was none other than Alvaro himself. I do not know why I stayed, but I am really grateful that I did. Hearing Alvaro speak about his work was very inspiring and powerful. Listening to him explain his piece helped me better understand what he was trying to create. It helped me see his vision through his own eyes. After hearing about Alvaro’s backstory and his motivation for the art, I was able to realize why the art was so important to him. To him, it was not just a canvas with random paint on it. He was able to just let go of everything and respond to the music with meaning and emotion. Hearing how passionate and excited he was talking about his work made me appreciate it a lot more than I would have originally. I think this shows that art is not just the end product. Art is the experience, all of the preparation, and most importantly, the person behind it. With Alvaro’s help, I was able to understand his art and truly appreciate its unique beauty.


A picture of Alvaro’s piece (the ends are a little cut off).


A picture of myself with Alvaro.